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Author Topic: Knee pain when lifting leg  (Read 2857 times)

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Knee pain when lifting leg
« on: July 30, 2014, 03:46:02 PM »

My knee pain started about 8 months ago.  I can't identify a specific point in time or incident.   It is worse than it was in the beginning but doesn't seem to get worse at this point, but it also doesn't get better.

The pain occurs mainly when going up stairs.  A little bit when going downstairs.   It is most prevalent when I first get in my car and I lift my leg to move it from the brake to the accelerator.   That lifting sideways motion is painful and I usually use my arms to assist my leg movement.   Pushing down with my foot is painful and jumping is as well.

I can walk, hike or jog a without problems.  Bending down is a little painful but not terrible but lifting myself up is fairly painful.  I rested it for several months, tried braces with zero reduction in pain.

A friend of mine who is PT believes it is a kneecap tracking issue as there is no locking or giving of the knee.  He recommended leg raises, quad strengthening exercises.   I did try them for a couple of months, but they didn't help.  I'm not surprised as my quads are strong from hiking/climbing and squats.   I used a trainer for squats to ensure proper form.   Hamstrings are balanced, and I have rolled my legs and hips with a foam roller and even had massage to ensure  nothing was hung up.

At this point I don't know what else to do except x-rays, mri's, etc.   I have been avoiding those due to a new high deductible insurance plan.

Any thoughts or ideas?   The one thing that makes me think this is still knee cap related is if I do a couple of wall squats the pain goes away for about 20 minutes.    It appears the wall squat is using perhaps the inside quad to pull the knee cap back in place?   It never stays and the wall squat itself is painful.  However it does almost completely get rid of the pain for several minutes at a time.


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Re: Knee pain when lifting leg
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2014, 04:33:34 AM »

Any update on this?