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Author Topic: Failed ACLR? (X post)  (Read 426 times)

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Failed ACLR? (X post)
« on: July 07, 2014, 01:49:20 AM »
I had ACLR using hamstring autograft 6 months ago. Everything went very well and I completed an excelerated rehab program and was released to workout at the gym as long as I stayed away from activities that required too much pivoting, cutting, or quick stops. I have been very active, always following instructions, but pushing myself  as far as I safely could.

Prior to surgery, the only pain I had was on the posterolateral corner area. My Dr. just  shrugged it off saying the pain was due to the extensive bone bruising I had. Fast forward 6 months and the pain has gotten worse. It's intermittent, but when I feel it, it's very painful. My OS suspects compression of the peroneal nerve and so gave me a cortisone shot to see if that would help. It did not, so now I'm being referred to a neurologist for an EMG. I don't think the nerve is entrapped, as I don't have any other symptoms- just pain. I'm starting to think that I have a Plc injury that was undiagnosed.

About 1 month ago, I noticed that my knee woukd pop when fully extended. It's not doing that anymore because I can no longer fully extend my leg. Just recently, (2days ago) I lost the ability to do a quad set because it's so painful. I also am having a hard time with flexion of more than about 100 degrees. Just 2 weeks ago I could sit back on my heels after being warmed up. At my last appt  a week ago, everything was still strong, with no laxity, but I didn't start losing ROM until after that. Oh, one other thing that I noticed, is my patella doesn't have normal lateral movement. It's very tight. OS doesn't seemed concerned about it though.

So, what I'm wondering now is if I actually do have a Plc injury and it's causing my acl graft to fail. Does anybody have similar symptoms to me? My injury was work related so I have to wait forever for appts to be approved, so it'll be awhile before I see my OS because he doesn't want me to come in again until after the EMG.

I will be bringing this all to my dr, but in the meantime I'm freaking out because I've lost so much progress in such a short amount if time. I'm beginning to think I'm doomed to have more surgery. Please share your input.

Thanks! Shauna
ACLR w/hamstring autograft 17 Jan 2014
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