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Author Topic: HELP!!! Femoral anteversion. Is surgery really my only option at 21 years old?  (Read 2764 times)

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So I am a 21 years old female, very healthy and physically active as a rock climbing instructor at a university and a ski patroller. 
when I was like 6 our family doctor diagnosed me with femoral anteversion in both legs, with the right being worse than the left. (I can rotate my leg completely to the side at a90 degree angle with my toes pointing up) 
I have had special shoes, therapy, muscle work and for a short time a leg brace, which all came to no avail,
Unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky ones that grew out of it, so just learnt to live with it.
When I was around 12 I started to suffer pain in my legs and hips, and surgery was suggested to my parents, however they decided they didn't want to put me through what was back then quite a risky procedure so we waited it out.
Now i'm 21 and as the pain and discomfort has worsened and now both my knees and ankles hurt. Plus when I look down at my right ankle, the bone seems to rest on the inward side of the foot so is off balance and painful to walk.
The type of procedure that has been discussed is one where both my legs are broken at certain points, then realigned and pinned in place. I am studying law enforcement and this would take 6-8 months to heal they said....

I was wondering if any of you had undergone any similar procedures/experiences and what your thoughts about it were; how long did it take you to recover? How long were you immobile for? How would you rate the pain? Any other info you think would benefit me?
If surgery is the only option then do you know of any doctors in WA state USA that perform it? Is it a safe surgery?

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hi there. my daughter is on your shoes when you were younger. I been reading about the surgery quite a bit and was wondering if you had done any research that you could share with me?  she is ten and quite tall and thin for her age. my concern is to correct her legs and also to do so in a pain free method as possible.  have you had the surgery yet?  how long was the post op rehab? was it excruciatingly painful? you said you tried other non surgical methods when you were younger. did you try the sure straps derotation straps?  sorry if I rambling on here I am just a concerned dad with not much help from her mom, we are divorced.  I would appreciate any insight you can offer.
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