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Author Topic: Should I get a second opinion???  (Read 503 times)

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Should I get a second opinion???
« on: July 05, 2014, 08:07:26 PM »

I am wondering what all you experienced knee people think.
Here is my situation:
My kneecaps have finally become so painful, that I had decided on going for the Fulkerson TTT. I was scheduled do have the first one done last Tuesday, but when I awoke from anesthesia, my surgeon didn't do the surgery. He said he found that my ACL had disintegrated and some of it was bunched up behind the kneecap. So, he cleaned it out and called it a day. He also did a bi-lateral chondroplasty in March, hoping that smoothing out the damaged cartilage would help me to have less pain and more mobility. It did not. The pressure on the backs of both my kneecaps is so disabling. This has been a progression over the years, and nothing has helped. Both patellas are tilted and ride laterally, despite anything I have tried. I am strong and fit, so it's not a muscular issue, but structural. My knees have swelled terribly off and on since my 20's, and I am now 45 years old and they are constantly swollen, hot and painful. Doc says my femur grinds away in one specific spot on the back of the patella, and a TTT would finally fix it.
Anyway, I am disappointed that the TTT didn't happen last Tuesday. I had rearranged my life around it, prepared mentally, and emotionally and now back to waiting to see if removing the damaged ACL helps??? What about the other knee? So strange to me, It almost seems as if my surgeon is afraid to do the TTT, or maybe he is just being very cautious, because it's such an invasive procedure? I also feel like he doesn't understand how disabling this is for me. I have always been active, I teach yoga(I can't lately, due to the pain and swelling), and everything I do, stairs, sitting with bent knees, inclines etc. all are becoming impossible to do. I use a cane! I feel so frustrated and just want my life back. I am seeing my OS again on the 15th, to see how I'm doing. No surprise, I'm still in pain, even with the one ACL removed. The ACL is not the problem, it's the pressure pain on the backs of both patellas.
So, I am wondering what you all think. Should I get a second opinion? Does it seem ok that my doc keeps thinking it could be other things? It seems he doesn't quite realize how much pain I am in. He is a great OS and board certified and all, but his hesitation is concerning to me.
Thank in advance.
right ACL removal 7/1/2014
bilateral Chondroplasty 3/25/2014
lateral meniscus deterioration
Structurally lateral tracking patellas
Mucoid ACL degneration and disintegration 7/2014
Fulkerson TTT and lateral release- bilateral (pending)