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Author Topic: 2nd ACL reconstruction what graft?  (Read 1698 times)

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2nd ACL reconstruction what graft?
« on: June 03, 2014, 04:46:34 PM »
Ok so I had an acl reconstruction back in February 2012.  I used a hamstring tendon autograft and long story short it has retorn and I now have a slight meniscus tear as well, not sure if I will need that repaired also or not. 

So now I am looking at a second surgery and am really not sure which option to go with.  My doctor who did my first surgery told me he highly recommends that I go with an allograft and that 90% of revisions he does he goes with an allograft.  He discouraged me from going with the patellar tendon autograft because he said that while the recovery time and return to sports is much faster the recovery is harder, more painful and the return to regular day to day activities is actually longer.  Also he said I will probably never be able to kneel down on that knee again without lots of pain.

My issue is this im a young active guy (27 years old) and I have read a number of stories of young people re-rupturing there autografts.  I really just want something that will last me forever so I wont need to go through yet another revision surgery some day.  And from what I have read the long term satisfaction with the patellar tendon autograft seems to be the highest and seems to have the lowest incidence of retears.  Then again I dont like the idea of not being able to kneel down on my knee anymore and also keep in mind I have already had my hamstring tendons harvested from that knee and will now also be looking at having my patellar tendon harvested from the same knee.  Would like to hear some opinions thanks guys.


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Re: 2nd ACL reconstruction what graft?
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2014, 09:33:49 AM »
Same question for me! I'm 31 (female) in the uk. My surgeon offered the other leg's hamstring first which I refused, then same leg patella tendon, and third option allograft (I think it's not a common choice here).

I originally ruptured my acl at age 19, was fobbed off by GPs for three years, add another year of waiting for scans, appointments etc and you get a 4 year wait for surgery. I tried to remain very active so needless to say, that level of instability ground up the inside of my knee! Ended up with medial & lateral bucket handle meniscus tears, chipped bone and a big mess! Now I have 20% of my meniscus left, and already have significant OA. The graft has failed. I also have loose bodies & a bony spur which are causing me problems.

I won't lie, I've been putting the revision off for a few years as I've been able to compensate enough with muscle control etc, but now I'm finding it's not holding up to life.

I'm seriously considering allograft because my own tendons are tiny and they struggled to get enough for the graft last time, which may be why it's failed.

Any thoughts? Let me know how you get on Ajman! X
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