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Author Topic: ACL Grade 3 tear, Medial/Lateral Meniscal tears, condile fracture OUCH!  (Read 642 times)

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I'm new here and thought I'd get involved with all the chat as there are lots of good resources here.

Anyway, on March 13th I was playing basketball when I jumped up to intercept a pass. I was so focussed on catching the ball that I hadn't prepared properly for landing and my left leg was completely locked out on landing. I felt what I can only describe as an elastic band stretching, but not pop or anything like that. I was in agony for about a minute but was then able to hop up and limp to the bench. After 10 minutes I convinced my coach to let me back in the game, but knee wasn't right so only lasted about 2 minutes. I had horendous swelling and it was sore, but I've felt worse pains in my back and ankle before that were nothing, so I left it for a week.

Since then, I've seen 3 doctors and 2 physios and not one of them had thought I'd done too much damage as there was no laxity in any of the tests they run. In fact, my left knee was slightly tighter than my good right knee. They finally decided to send me for an MRI as 10 weeks on I still couldn't straighten my leg. Turns out I have a complete rupture of the ACL, torn both the lateral and medial meniscus and fractured one of the condiles(sp?). That was three weeks ago, and until they'd told me the diagnosis I was strarting to play basketball and run again.

I'm in the RAF so am getting seen quite quickly (within 3 weeks for surgery) and then as well as seeing my station physio, I'll have two residential courses at a specialist unit to get me better again. Sucks quite a bit as I'll miss the next basketball season and I've got a place in the Great North Run, but I suppose these things happen!

Is the recovery slightly different for menisucs and ACL injuries as opposed to just ACL injury?