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Author Topic: Bone rubbing on medial side after Partial lateral meniscectomy  (Read 853 times)

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I am 31 years of old. Unfortunately, I got my right knee injured in 2010 while playing cricket after a long time. At that time, I did not take it seriously and pain was gone in 1 week. But it started showing symptoms(locking and pain) in early  2013. After continuous pain, I went for an MRI in July 2013 and  it showed complex tears in lateral meniscus. After consulting with several doctors, I decided to go for an arthroscopic surgery in Oct 2013 and partial meniscus was removed. I followed the exercise routine suggested by Ortho and therapist.
But, after the surgery, I started felling bone rubbing in the medial side of knee and the situation was getting worst day by day. This was not the case before the surgery and pain was only in the lateral side. I again consulted the doctor and he prescribed me for Glucosamine after seeing symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Went to another doctor and another MRI shows more tears (horizontal and oblique) in same lateral meniscus. It is also showing myoxid degeneration in both meniscuses.  It also states incomplete tear in medial meniscus and ”The posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) shows intrasubstance signals in the proximal segment”.

Current situation is feeling rubbing on medial side which was not the case before surgery and have stiffness/pain under and above the upper side patella. And if medial meniscus is fine why the hell the bones are rubbing? 
Felling helpless with the kind of response I got from doctors. I have been looking for online helps and saw options of Stem Cells / PRP injection for regeneration of meniscus/cartilage
But I am not sure who/how many proficient doctors are in India to consult for these?

Any help/suggestions on this will be highly appreciated.