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Author Topic: Wearing a Full Length (Thigh to Calf) Knee Splint? Concerns...  (Read 598 times)

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I'd like a bit of help here, and I'm not asking for medical help, per se.  On May 8th I fell, reinjured an old injury in  my right knee and messed up my left knee. I put a brace on my left knee and worked through the pain until May 22nd. That day I had a car accident. Before the accident I had been walking around a Target store with relatively moderate pain but the walking was starting to help loosen up the knee and help with the pain. My accident happened as I was pulling out of the Target parking lot,  ironically.

At the ER (I went by ambulance, additional health problems like osteoporosis) I was given a clean bill of health. Chest hurt from the airbag,  etc. My knee was excruciatingly painful. Only a few x-rays were done and I was sent home in a knee splint with orders for no weight bearing. I can walk, but with a limp, and some issues. If I do any prolonged weight bearing with the knee, it makes the pain WORSE. After the fall, the pain was mainly above the kneecap and on the back of the knee. After the accident it is also on the inside edge and behind the kneecap.

Now, as I mentioned I'm not asking for medical ideas, or recommendations. I have read up and have my own ideas. My concern and hesitation with the splint is with losing strength, and developing stiffness. I am not athletic, but I assist my mother with my Dad who had a stroke five years ago. I need mobility, and the splint robs me of that. What about trying one of the knee stabilizer braces? Or, trying the splint for a full week, but, take my leg out a few times a day to do exercises?