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Author Topic: Help! Still can't do a leg raise  (Read 705 times)

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Help! Still can't do a leg raise
« on: May 28, 2014, 02:14:05 AM »

It's been three months since the initial fall.  Since then I've not been able to lift my leg straight off the bed nor able to lift my leg from bent position and still no knee reflex..

I've had arthogram ct and today ultrasound done to both knees to compare good vs questionable.  When I went to see my Ortho dr he could only say I'm a unique case since I cannot lift my leg but everything looks good around the knee.  There were definitely tears but seem to have healed or are close to healed.  Tears to the MCL, partial tear of vastus lateralis and rectusfemoris with no full thickness quadriceps tendon tear,

Beside not being able to lift my leg, there is quite a bit of pain above, below and to the left of the knee cap (right leg).  The knee is still very swollen.  I experience great pain when standing. Showering is very difficult. 

I still have knee buckling issues. Today coming down the stairs I felt a hard buckle. Lucking I had straight leg brace on to catch it and prevent a fall. 

The hospital des said to start intense physical therapy on discharge. That was 2 1/2 months ago. If after a month not much progress to see a Ortho surgeon on the outside.  No progress so I did.  I was told to stop pt until test could be done.  I could not get a MRI as I've got a spinal cord stimulator implant.  Thus ct. 

I was told to get a EMG now.  I had one done four weeks after initial fall. pieces of the report, " i cannot explain the underlying focal weakness of the right leg based on the EMG?... so, that statement alone says a lot, no?  Todays dr said we should really have had the test conducted 8 weeks out, is that true? should the 4 week test  have been done?

i'm going to get the PT going again and have the EMG done, but can anyone out there help with an idea or two as two what might be causing my issue? the main one is inability to lift leg and knee buckling... i've already fallen 5 times, with each instance aggravating the knee more.  Im really at a loss... HELP>>>>