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Author Topic: Help! Knee Swelling for 4+ weeks, MRI shows nothing. Can't fully extend/bend.  (Read 806 times)

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Hi All - I'm new here and am looking for some insight into what is going on with my knee.

I am a 29 year old female, have played sports my whole life and never been injured. Four weeks ago I started feeling a stiffness in my right knee (there was no pop or came out of the blue.)

Something felt wrong mechanically so I went to an orthopedist (this after getting an X Ray and Ultra-sounds to rule out a clot by my GP, both clear.)  The MRI ordered by the orthopedist also showed nothing. 

I cannot fully extend or bend my leg due to fluid in knee, and have been limping for 4 weeks now. Some days it's manageable and feels okay, other days my range of motion is extremely limited and my limp is severe.

Could it be a meniscus tear that did not show up on the MRI?  I am waiting results of blood tests for rheumatoid arthritis, but given the nature of the pain, it feels very mechanical and not "Sore" or "Achy" as I imagine RA would feel.  Has anyone experienced anything like this?  Should I get a 2nd opinion on the MRI that's already been done, or perhaps get a new MRI?

Any opinions/insight would be much appreciated.