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Author Topic: severe pain just below knee..I cant walk without pain  (Read 601 times)

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severe pain just below knee..I cant walk without pain
« on: May 22, 2014, 09:13:40 AM »
I am hoping someone out there can shed some light and information regarding my right knee.
History as follows: I was diagnosed with herniated disc in my neck about a year ago..pain right arm loss of feeling etc etc  eventually with therapy and medication  I recovered  and was on maintenance 10mg trepiline. Christmas 2013 I experienced severe lower  back to doc who gave me a shot and recommended once pain had settled some stretches. Beginning February started feeling tightness and pain behind my knee. Could not walk properly, pain when tilting toes up.. doc suspected DVT but no result on ultra sound doppler. Diagnosed sciatica. prescribed trepiline 50mg nightly- also given anti-inflammatries.
Pain seemed to ease still had difficulty putting weight on leg.  Im still taking the trepiline but  only restarted votaren this past month when the pain became really severe. There is no swelling as such but there is tenderness when pressure is applied.  Sharp pain below the knee as i take off (start to walk), swivel or indeed put any weight on leg. Climbing stairs is agony. When knee is bent and relaxed, and when not moving there is no pain. Can back problems cause this??
I would appreciate any comments Thankyou