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Author Topic: Some sort of biomechanical issue  (Read 612 times)

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Some sort of biomechanical issue
« on: May 21, 2014, 02:23:38 AM »
I am posting on this forum because I have essentially exhausted all of my other options. I have become very frustrated with treatment and am desperate in the hope someone can tell me something about my condition. I am 28 years old and have had a problem with my left knee for about 4 years. It just started to hurt one day for no specific reason. The pain is observed in the centre (core) of my knee, and is persistent. I wake up every morning and it is there. The pain then gets progressively worse during the day, especially if I have been on my feet for most of the day. I can not stand for periods greater than 10 minutes without severe pain, and I continually take Panadol Oesteo (slow release paracetamol), although this only takes the edge off the pain. When I initially did the ‘injury’ I was less than 85kg, which put me comfortably within my BMI range. Although due to immobility I have put on 15kg, which of course is more than likely exasperating the issue. I am currently seeing a dietician to loose weight, although as I said it still hurt when I was a lot lighter. 

I have been to see many doctors about the issue and have had just about every diagnosis under the sun, then only to have the diagnosis rescinded for various reasons.  The current diagnosis is ‘some sort of biomechanical issue’, and yes that is the technical term my doctor used.

Initially I was told it was patellar tendonitis and was sent to the physiotherapist for quad strengthening. After a period of this with no improvement, I was referred to a different physio for a second opinion. The next physio told me that the problem was my patellar was not tracking properly, and moving to the left, although to me it appeared to move no differently to my right knee. Regardless, I did strength training to ‘fix’ this problem, after a period of time the physio said it appeared to track normally now, with no improvement on the pain, I was told to talk to the doctor again.

The doctor ordered an x-ray that showed a small oesteophite in my left knee joint, which I was assured, is normal and not the issue despite none being observed in my right joint.

The doctor then ordered an MRI, which showed that there was nothing wrong with the joint. The doctor then sent me to an orthopedic surgeon, for his input and possibly an arthroscopy to see if there was an issue. The orthopedic surgeon however wanted nothing to do with it as there was nothing on the MRI.

The doctor then sent me for a bone scan. This revealed wear on all bone surfaces in my left knee joint, but not my right. The doctor then suspected arthritis and was unsure why nothing was observed on the MRI, so I was sent for another, and once again nothing showed up.

I was then referred to a podiatrist who prescribed orthotics, and I have worn them religiously to no avail. During this time I was also seeing another physio for a third physio opinion, who said the problem was my glutes where too weak. I tried his exercise program with no success.

I then went to see a joint specialist physician. He told me that he suspected the problem was that I was ‘too flexible’ and my core muscles where too weak. This caused my upper body to sway and put unusual pressures on my joint. I was again a little skeptical of this as at this stage I hardly even apply pressure to my left knee, I always balance on my right leg, and have no pain in that knee. But once again I listened to him because what do I have to loose? So I went back to the physio for core strengthening exercises. This did not fix the issue either.

The physio then suggested that the steel cap boots I wear for work are ‘too heavy’ and caused my legs to pendulum. I then got lighter boots, and this did not fix the issue.

I was then sent to another orthopedic surgeon for a second surgeon’s opinion, as now I had the bone scans and a second MRI. This surgeon again told me that he would not perform an arthroscopy if nothing was wrong on the MRI.

This is where I am up to in my ‘treatment’ and at this stage I am pretty much open to any suggestions.