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Author Topic: Subchondroplasty? Good option for 50+ with no medial meniscus since 17  (Read 951 times)

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So here's my dilemma, as a early 50 year old male in good shape working our 3X a week on the elliptical to reduce stress on the old knees, I recently began experience a flare up of joint pain that lasted longer than the typical 2 week flare up. We are on week #7 and it is rather annoying.

Some knee background:
*medial meniscus completely removed in 1978 (darn butchers at the time! scare tissue will take the place of the meniscus I was told....yeah right)

*knee cleaned out in 1999 by scope. Discovered ACL was torn (that explains the zig/zag basketball games)

*ACL replaced in 2000 (patella tendon graph)

Went to see the orthopedic this week who did my ACL and he said that nothing has changed via the x-rays. Choices are: anti-inflammatory meds, Cortisone injection, or rest.

Picked the Cortisone with the option of if it doesn't feel better in  a  few weeks to get an MRI and see if we are suitable to have a subchondroplasty procedure. I am going to get an MRI regardless of how it feels.

Also asked my doc about the Stone Clinic and was told that an implant will get chewed up by my knee since it has been bone on bone for so long. I agree but it does sound tempting to try if it was covered by insurance and could be done locally.

QUESTION:  in the limited reading, it seems like a decent option as Teflon and stainless steel are in the future. Are there any other active 50+ out there that have had this procedure? Looks like 2-3 weeks on crutches followed by physical therapy to get the muscles in the leg going again.

Many thanks in advance. Glad I stumbled on the kneeguru site.