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Author Topic: New here. Looking for advice.  (Read 489 times)

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New here. Looking for advice.
« on: May 07, 2014, 01:19:03 PM »
This is my first time posting here. I'm getting really down with my recent dislocation (I have had 4 prior).
It happened two weeks ago just from walking outside a shop to go home.
My kneecap popped out of place and I waited 45mins for an ambulance whilst being on the floor with it out of place. When the paramedics got to me I had the usual gas and air and the popped it back in place. Getting to the hospital I saw a doctor who seemingly didn't know much about dislocations or hyper mobility (which I have). The doctor looked at my knee and tried to get me to bend it, which I refused because I knew it didn't feel right. I had to push to be sent for an xray (every time my knee has dislocated in the past I have been sent to xray automatically without having to ask). The xray revealed my knee was not back in place, so I had to be sent back round to AE for it to be put back in. It was out of place for about 6 hours in total. An orthopedic registrar that I then saw said that I had 'snapped' my ligaments. But didn't say which, and as I had already been given gas and air, liquid morphine, codeine, Tramadol and diazapam I dont recall him saying which one.

Five days after this I attend my fracture clinic appointment, to which the doctor there undone my knee immobilizer that I had been put in at AE, and just looked at my knee and asked about my hypermobility. He then told me that I would need to see a specialist and discharged me from the fracture clinic to go and wait for a referral appointment.

So now, I am in this actimove immobilizer with crutches. My leg is being kept straight by the immobilizer. The past week or so hasn't been too bad pain wise, but now my knee is starting to really hurt and feels like it's quivering around. It's actually making me feel sick.

I feel unsure of what is going on, and am really concerned that my knee is now starting to hurt and move when being immobilized.

Any advice or someone to talk to would be really appreciated.