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Author Topic: Microfracture surgery 3/13 and now possible damage to that site.  (Read 5511 times)

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  I will share my history first. I fell January 2012 in a self defense class. I was diagnose with bone bruising. After several months of not healing and a doctor with a very cocky attitude, I received a second opinion. Although it the defect did not show up on either MRI my OS was pretty convince from swelling and pain symptoms I had a tear in my articular cartilage. In June I had my knee scoped. I woke up moaning and in excruciating pain at the medial surgical portal. The surgeon told me he removed my plica and he cleaned up a flap tear on the ball of my femur. ( while looking at the pics of the surgery I asked if he cleaned up 1 flap tear on the bottom of my knee cap. He told me no he didn't touch my kneecap. He also told me he did not use a tourniquet but found out later from the surgical report he did) He told me to be off the crutches in 24 hours. I had extensive swelling and pain. Started pt around 2 weeks post op. From the first appointment on she was concerned about further damage to my knee.  My OS disagree and said my swelling was minimal at 7 weeks post op. It looked like I had a basketball implanted in my knee. The swelling measurements had increased during the month of pt. Also my knee would randomly give out one me. He said that wasn't an issue and to quit pt and return to martial arts. I knew I would not be able the return to martial arts, so I didn't. I gave my knee more time to heal. When it continue to get worse, I went to see a sports medicine dr. I told him what I was told by the OS. I tried a bunch of various techniques to improve my knee. An MRI showed damage to my kneecap. (Possible fracture, a strip of cartilage missing on the lateral side where it starts to form and the underneath side shredded) My knee cap had minimal pain. There was the area on my medial femoral condial that had a defect but appeared to be from the previous surgery.  Since my knee cap was not causing my pain and swelling it was a 3 months after it before I was referred to another OS. My pain was medial side right under the surgical portal and in the joint line. He wanted to see my surgical pics. I took them back the next day. Immediately he told me I had a chunk of missing cartilage on my medial femoral condial and my knee cap was shredded. None of that damage were in the surgical pics. The surgical pics did show he cleaned a flap tear on my kneecap and a flap tear on my upper femoral condial( a non weight bearing portion). I had surgery 3-22-13. He microfractured my patella and my medial femoral condial  and did a lateral release( to fix my kneecap tracking issues). I spent 4 months on crutches and had a slow difficult recovery. I was released from the OS early Nov. I was told to take it easy and not over do the holidays and no martial arts till at least March  and I had to be able to twist and pivot on my knee no pain or swelling. One month later Dec. 6 I was involved in a car accident. A driver t boned another car and knocked that car into the front of mine. I had an MRI about a week and half later. It was negative(minor issues like bone bruising. The microfracture area looked good no ligament damage or meniscus damage) I have not healed and the pain and swelling has increased since. I have had multiple set backs. My dr has ordered another MRI. He wants to compare the two. He thinks I have damaged the area on my MFC that he microfx. I will find out the results in two weeks. I have lived on the couch the last month and half!
    My question has anyone experienced anything similar? Have you had a good outcome if you damaged a previous microfx and had to have the surgery redone? Thanks!
Left knee:
6/2012 Arthroscope w/ debridment, and plica removal
3/2013 Microfracture of MFC & patella and lateral release
6/2014 Microfracture MFC (same spot as last time, was damaged in a car accident)(infection week after & ultimately a failed surgery)
11/2014 OATS(autograft) MFC