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Author Topic: 18 years of knee surgeries  (Read 644 times)

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18 years of knee surgeries
« on: April 30, 2014, 07:20:39 PM »
I knee pain since I was in the ninth grade.  Finally when I was 18 they diagnosed me with OCD.  I was scheduled for my first micro fracture surgery.  To make a long story short I have since had 7 knee surgeries, including more micro fracture, removal of a very large loose body to go with micro fracture, cyst removal from ACL (3 inches) and others, but no reconstruction.  I was told when I was 30 I needed TKR but at my young age was not a good idea.  Well just over 2 years ago my knee started hurting badly, went to Ortho.  He said I was not a candidate for OATS procedure since I was completely diffused, nothing to hold the plug in.  Again he said TKR was my only option but again my young age he did not recommend.  He did MRI to see and did find that I tore my meniscus.  He decided to fix that, and while in there he found that I actually had torn both of them so he fixed both. 

Knee felt good for a while, but this past fall it started hurting again.  I struggled and limped just remembering what he said about not much else could be done.  Pain continues and seems to be getting worse, there is a lot of clicking and grinding and pain.  sometime days it is unbearable to even walk on. 

I have moved locations so I will have to see another Ortho (which I do next week).  My question is do I have options?  What does completely diffused mean?  Is TKR my only choice, or is there something that maybe done arthroscopically.  I am not trying to be laid up for any length of time since I coach football and basketball.  Is this not a lot of surgeries to be having on one knee?