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Author Topic: tore left ACL getting double bundle hoping to get a few q's answered :)  (Read 495 times)

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 20 year old male. I tore my left ACL playing in a flag football tournament Feb 16. I waited till now to get surgery (april 30th) because i didn't want it to interfere with exams for school. I started pre hab a little slow at first but have gradually increased my exercising to 10-15 min on an elliptical and using the leg extension machine morning and night each day for the last week and a half. I've gotten my quad to about 80% to the strength it used to be. i have full extension in my knee again with no pain or discomfort and about an inch less of flexion then my normal knee with just slight pressure/pain in it. My surgeon Dr. Mirabello suggested a double bundle with one part coming from my hamstring and another part coming from a cadaver.he's been a surgeon for various baseball teams and done many knee surgeries so i pretty much trust him in his suggestion.  i'm still pretty nervous about the surgery and have a few questions if anyone could help them it would be greatly appreciated :)

my first question is if the amount of extension/flexion i've been able to get back in my injured knee normal or better then other people who have had two months or more before they get surgery? will this help in faster recovery/less pain?

My second question was if anyone has had this type of double bundle surgery and how did it turn out for you (amount of pain, any complications,if it took longer or shorter to recover then other types of grafts)?

My third question is once the surgery is over i was hoping to be able to get my knee strong enough to come back to play in a flag football tournament in early January. since there is alot of cutting/juking and lateral motion in flag do you think that would be too early? Hoping to get an answer to the third question from someone who played flag football after their surgery or maybe just another comparable sport with that much lateral movement in it and how long it took you to come back to that sport?

besides these questions any advice i should know or suggestions you have are also greatly appreciated!!!!