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Author Topic: undiagnosed knee injury, need opinions please  (Read 520 times)

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undiagnosed knee injury, need opinions please
« on: April 25, 2014, 09:46:00 PM »
Hello all,

A week and a half ago I was trying to jump as far as I could and competing with a few other guys, the last jump I went running as fast as I could and jumped really far but I landed very hard and planted on my two feet, bending my knees, no popping noises or anything were heard but it just hurt pretty bad in both legs, more in my left one. And then I proceeded to walk and stand and everything was okay the rest of the 5 hours I was awake, but at night my left knee hurt a little more.

 When I woke up I could not walk, and I could not completely straighten out my left knee due to the pain, when I walked my left knee had to be in bent position and I could only limp and not walk normally, I put all of my weight on the good knee for 2 days, mostly just laying in bed though. The third day was better, i had more rom and could walk better, the fourth day I could walk completely normally again, but it still felt weak and hurt to extend it all the way.

I've been walking everyday now but my left knee cracks more than it used to when I bend it. I can walk without pain but it feels weaker at times, the only pain I have is when I am in a sitting squat position it hurts too bad, or if I'm standing and take my foot and try and touch it to my butt, It hurts if I go all the way. One other way it hurts is if I straighten it a little past straight, like over extending it, but my good knee doesn't hurt.

Some other helpful things... I'm 23, There was no bruising, but some swelling, which is down now.
The impact was very hard, what do you think I could have done? Partial ligament tear? I was thinking it cannot be a torn meniscus because there is no pain to the touch at all, I didn't twist on impact and no joint locking , Although it does crack more than usual when bending, it doesn't crack every time.  just the first two days due to pain I couldn't straighten it. And for a full week after when I did straighten it all the way when laying down there was some pain.  My knee just feels weaker than my good one, and less stable than it used to be and I feel like I cant run or jump and land on it, or kick hard with it etc..

I don't have insurance right now which is why I'm asking,  I need good opinions of what you guys think this is and help to narrow it down. Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!