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Author Topic: 8 days post knee-injury...advice appreciated.  (Read 485 times)

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8 days post knee-injury...advice appreciated.
« on: April 25, 2014, 06:27:24 PM »
Thank you in advance for reading my topic. 
I had a very hard fall on my concrete patio 8 days ago.  My right knee took the brunt of it.  Intense pain, and immediate reaction of nausea and sweating due to pain level.  We were entertaining friends, so I composed myself, and even proceeded to wash dishes with weight on left foot.  Significant limp and pain, but I felt I was "ok", since I could walk.

Went to bed expecting huge bruise, and woke up to no bruising, but extreme swelling.  Swelling in knee and quad (bulge on the left side above kneecap) so significant I needed help to walk (could put very little weight on it), and help to bathe.  Went to urgent care.  Movement tests done and dr. said ligaments, tendons, meniscus seemed ok, and ordered x-ray.  Dr. thought he saw eggshell fracture of patella, but couldn't be sure, so sent it to radiology.  Radiologist couldn't confirm one way or the other.  Inconclusive.  Diagnosis was officially a contusion and possible patella fracture.

Nurse was getting immobilizer and crutches, but the dr. said they are uncomfortable to use, and that I should just stay off it as much as possible, and give it time to heal.  They gave me a thick ace bandage and hot/cold pack. I have done my best, but I am a mom of two young boys, so probably not resting as much as I could be.

8 days out, swelling has reduced significantly, and I have a large yellow/green/purple bruise on the left side of my knee, and as swelling has reduced, the pain in my quad has been the biggest nuisance.  I can walk, but my knee feels like it could fail at times.  Is this just from my quad losing tone over the week?  If I activate my quad, I get a dull, achy, intense feeling that takes about ten seconds to go away.  I can fully straighten my leg, without issue.  Bending my knee is painful, as is going from sitting to standing, and activating quad.  Sleeping hard because the pain is bad at night, and the quad is just so uncomfortable.  Hoping I just really strained the quad in the process of my fall.

Based on my details, my question is whether I can feel confident ligaments, tendons, meniscus are in fact ok, given my exam and xray.    I did like the dr., and feel he was thorough.  Do I just need to be patient, or should I see a specialist?  I am grateful my injury appears to not be too serious, and don't want to make more of this than it is.

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