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Author Topic: Worried about MPFL surgery in August and being able to attend Uni  (Read 521 times)

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Hi everyone!
This is my first post so hope it is in the right place.  :)

I am due to have arthroscopy, lateral release and mpfl reconstructive surgery (using hamstring) on August the 1st 
My surgeon has told me that the recovery will be about 3-6 weeks. My problem is that I'm supposed to be going on a compulsory university field trip 5 weeks after my surgery date. The Ecology field trip will involved lots of walking in rough terrains and generally will be quite active.
What were peoples average recovery rates from when they had the surgery to when they were walking long distances with ease?
I'm getting mixed messages from people who've had similar surgeries, my cousin said he was okay after 3 weeks, yet a friend on mine, 8 weeks later is still struggling

also any advice about my surgery is welcomed, this will be my first surgery and stay in hospital!

thanks  :D