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Author Topic: 1 month post kneecap dislocation - can't fully straighten leg  (Read 761 times)

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Right so a month ago I dislocated my knee.. and it was the worst of the 5 times it's come out. it had to be reduced in a and e with entinox and morphine.. was out for about 3 hours with severe painful spasms.
Awaiting knee arthroscopy and tibial tubercle transfer.
Not given physio just encouraged to get out of straight brace and do the exercises I've been previously taught..

However my knee now cannot fully straighten at all so it causes pain when I do my straight leg rises, feeling asif my kneecap knees to pop...

what the hell do I do :| I've got a week until my preop assessment and I'm petrified as I have got very noticeable muscle atrophy...

5 dislocations/subluxations.
Joint Hypermobility Syndrome
Kneecap instability/malalignment
Awaiting knee arthroscopy and Tibial tubercle transfer.