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Author Topic: Tibial plateau fracture and scarring  (Read 723 times)

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Tibial plateau fracture and scarring
« on: April 15, 2014, 02:28:27 PM »
Hi everyone,

I have just joined this forum to share my story and also in the hope that other members will be able to advise/reassure!

On 25 Jan 2014 I fell skiing. X-ray confirmed a tibial plateau fracture which was secured with 3 screws on 26 Jan. There was suspected ligament damage and I was advised to keep the knee immobilised in a brace for 6 weeks then introduce flexing up to 90 degrees and then start partial weight bearing.

After the period of immobilisation and performing the physiotherapy exercises as instructed for a month I was getting about 20 degrees with regular knee clicking noises.  On 11 April, a manipulation under anaesthetic/MUA was performed to break down the scar tissue which resulted in flexing of 90 degrees   :)

Since then I have found the knee gradually getting stiffer and the amount of bending reducing each day... I'm probably down to about 70 degrees flexing. In addition if the knee has not been bent for 15 minutes or so, I find I am unable to bend until I have let gravity gradually bring the leg down while I am in the sitting position. Once gravity had brought the leg down, I am able to raise and lower the leg while seated myself. There is quite a lot is swelling which I am managing with ice packs and pain is being managed with paracetamol (acetaminophen) and tramadol.

Is it common for the amount of stiffness to increase following an MUA. I am persevering with bending exercises but it's frustrating when you see results decreasing! I was expecting bending would get easier each day at this stage of my recovery.

Thanks in advance