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Author Topic: Timeline- from injury to now  (Read 10142 times)

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Timeline- from injury to now
« on: April 14, 2014, 11:08:26 PM »
3/28/14- Right knee "popped" on me while running after an over thrown ball durring a kick ball game.  I went down and had to be carried off the field.
3/29/14- severe swelling and pain that wasn't showing signs of getting better by the late afternoon sent me to an urgent care clinic, where x-rays were preformed and I was refered for and MRI.  Was given work restrictions and the RICE treatment recomendations.
4/4/14- MRI conducted
4/6/14- Urgent Care clinic called with resutls of MRI- Complete ACL tear, Partial Meniscus tear and some bruising.
4/8/14- first visit with an orthopedist.  More x-rays taken. He explained that based on the MRI, I likely tore my ACL many years ago durring one of my previsously diagnosed "strains".  He also thinks that I may not have an ACL in my left knee based on his examination.  After discussion, he refered me to anothe doctor to discuss ACL repair, as he only did the meniscus repairs.  Follow up appointment scheduled for 4/16/14