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Author Topic: Knee weakness and sensitivity that won't seem to go away please help  (Read 1261 times)

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Hi, I am 21 years old, male and used to be very active participating in judo, rock climbing, weightlifting etc... During August of 2013 after a long layoff of approximately a year I decided to begin exercise again. For 3 consecutive days I did HIIT with sprints pushing myself as hard as I could and then straight after I would do box jumps on my wall and then proceed to side kicks and front kicks with 4kg ankle weights on each leg. On the morning of the 4th day I felt an instability and weakness in both knees and decided to rest. It had been 3 months without any exercise (except walking) and everyday waking up I would feel the same stiff and weak knees, I also began to notice a pain in my groin when sitting down which would feel a need to crack on both sides that could only be relieved by pushing my legs far enough apart to the point of cracking seemingly reducing the pressure for a couple of hours?
My knees feel like they would hyperextend if I was to kick a football, when I try that exercise where you twist your upper body clockwise then anticlockwise my knees feel like they are going to pop out, also my kneecaps are very sensitive now and feel almost like a funnybone when I touch it lightly.
In January 2014 I decided to test the waters by jogging lightly, during and after jogging the bone on the inner part of my leg just below my left knee was in pain and the morning after, both knees felt extremely stiff/weak even more so than before.
I went to physiotherapy in February 2014 and was informed I have no ligament damage and told to do the bodyweight exercises: use a ball against a wall squats, normal squats, lunges. I have been doing them diligently everyday and in addition I have been doing hamstring stretches (head to shin with leg on a table, touch toes etc), hip flexor stretches, IT band stretches (Half lotus), I have even used a foam roller on quads, IT band, groin. All of this has not improved my knees I still feel the same weakness in the morning and I am unable to move anyway except slowly and carefully without stressing my knees.

Extra information: When im sleeping and I want to change position I feel I have to move my legs very slowly and carefully otherwise my knees will ache. When I do a bodyweight squat at the very bottom when I begin to come back up my knee crunches for a second. Both of my legs now crack everywhere Knees, Groin, Hamstrings? when I do the head to shin stretch. When I do any abdominal exercise where I have to extend my legs such as frog kicks each repetition when my legs extend I hear and feel a crack in my bum/lower back/groin/hip? I have been wearing Nike free 5.0 shoes everyday and apparently I am flat footed and going to see a podiatrist soon, could this be one of the causes?

Please help me I have been patient but I am gradually becoming more and more depressed with not being able to do any physical activities that I used to love doing and I'm scared I will have this problem for the rest of my life. I have gained weight from being sedentary. I would love to go back to what I used to do however my knees are preventing this.

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Re: Knee weakness and sensitivity that won't seem to go away please help
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2014, 12:59:20 AM »
Hello,firstly sorry for my english, it is not my native language.
Ok now for the knee problems.I think i know what your problem is because i have had almost the same and nothing was to be seen on MRI.But lets start with the beginning.I've been struggling with knee problems for a couple of years now,i had 3 arthroscopies and will have a 4 one in a month now(2 on each knees).First 2 arthroscopies i made because i was a runner, i was running semi marathons and after a while i developed knee pain wich after looking into my knee the doctor said it was cartilage tears,damage and liquid.
So i did the operations and i was good as new everything fine, and rushed in for more training after only a couple of months after the operation.Here comes the point when i developed a condition similar to yours.
So i was at the gym doing squats to train my muscles to recover.2 days after the gym the muscle fever went away and i started feeling some new problems with both knees.
The problems where :

1.Extreme sensitivity on the kneecap on both knees - it was so sensitive that if i let the window open and breeze came from outside i could feel it on the kneecap like something electric and stingy.

2.Feeling that i had something stuck in the midle of the knee like a rock but only the feeling because i could move it.

3.Everytime i walked down the stairs or threw high snow(was in winter)- exactly the feeling of hyperextension that you felt.

4.Many diverse aches.Some behind the knee others in front.Some strong like needles and short in duration, others permanent 24/24 hours but mild in intensity.

So after trying many stuff i got again to operation.Now this is what the doctor found in my knee.

1.The extreme sensitivity of the knee cap was generetated by a cronic inflamation of the parts that hold the patella.-The doctor recomanded me a strong antiinflamatory.

2.Points 2 and 3 namely the "something stuck" and hiperextension feelings where generated by detached cartilage in my knee that had to be reatached back to the tibial plateau.

3.The many aches where caused by 2 tears in the cartilage.
Now i am 8 days after the operation and am feeling great no more pain , stiffness and most of the sensitivity is gone.Still some post operation pain but that will go away in 2- 3 weeks at most.
I dont know if what you have is the same with what i had but after what you described it looked pretty similar with my simptoms.Now i await to make second operation on the other knee cuz there i have the same symptoms.
I wish you good luck and dont give up.Knee problems are very problematic.They heal very hard because cartilage - not vascularized and tendons /ligaments very few vascularized.As a very active person i undestand you very well, i went threw depression because of this, felt like i lost a part of myself -not beeing able to do sport.But remember knees heal hard but they do heal, be patient dont rush as i did and in time everything will be good if you don't force things.
And one last advice:when we talk about a cold - we talk about a week
                               When we talk about ligaments - we talk about months
                               When we talk about cartilage - we talk about a couple of years
So if it happens so that you have as i did cartilage damage you will have to quit sport for 1-2 years till the cartilage heals and strenghtens itself.
Good luck my friend , hope i was of help to you !