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Author Topic: Right Patella ACI  (Read 441 times)

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Right Patella ACI
« on: April 03, 2014, 07:34:21 AM »
Hello, new here and just thought I would join up to talk to others, particularly in Australia, if any, who have undergone a patella ACI.  Just had my Scope on 4 days ago to take out some cartilage to grow in the lab so anytime in the next 6 weeks or so i will be back to have the implant operation done.  Can anyone give me any tips or ideas on what to expect, dont pull punches as i would rather know.  Pretty sure that the doc is going to do the tibial osteotomy also :-\

Bit of history, i am 42 years old, originally injured my knee at work in 1997, athroscopy and lateral release at that time.  All good for 10 years, then another scope/cleanout.  Had what i thought was going to be another cleanout in December 2013, due to lack of movement and pain.  MRI showed large ganglion also on ACL.  Op resulted in more pain after than before.  Surgeon said he expected it as i have full thickness loss of cartlidge behind knee cap.  All the rest of my knee is perfect.  Resting up at home now and return to work next week to await the next phase.