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Author Topic: Need help understanding medical language.  (Read 7387 times)

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Need help understanding medical language.
« on: March 31, 2014, 01:29:57 AM »
I need some help understanding what the Radiologist Report is saying? 

I finally had full x rays and MRI Friday.

The x ray report was done by the time the MRI was done.

Here was the findings.  Knee.  There is moderate narrowing of the patellofemoral joint compartment, particularly at its lateral aspect.  There is mild narrowing of the medial compartment.  There is modest spurring of the patella, distal femur and proximal tibia.  No acute fracture, dislocation, bone or joint lesion is seen.
Impression.  Mild to moderate osteoarthhritic changes, most prominently involving the patellofemoral compartment.

Hip.  Findings:  There is very minimal narrowing of the hip joint space, with slight spurring of the acetabular margins.  There is also minimal spurring of the greater trochanter.  Calcifications in the right pelvic soft tissues are presumed phleboliths. 
Impression.  Mild osteoarthritic changes of the hip with no acute findings.

I don't understand this.  In November 5 months ago nothing was found.  Can you develop OA in 5 months? 

Can someone help?
Rt. knee pain while hiking 08/10
Saw GP 04/11
PT 05/11  failed
MRI  clean 06/11
1st OS, nothing wrong, fired him.
2nd OS, cortisone shot 12/11 
Scope 05/12, fat pad impingement, cleaned and reshaped.
3rd and 4th OS think nerve problem
Nerve study June 2012, Femoral nerve damage

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Re: Need help understanding medical language.
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2015, 01:21:18 AM »
patellofemoral joint compartment

Patella = knee cap
femur = thing bone [above knee]
narrowing between joints is the enemy = arthritic changes even if mild -

You need to get Googling to learn gradually - That's what I did - Post here too but some time in yourself too... :-[

Then start thinking about it and the pennies will begin to drop and you'll become more informed.

I must admit its a horrible way to learn stuff - eg- injury / arthritis - But with knowledge you will get the best treatment and you'll learn how to handle doctors - and speak their language which will result in improvements for you.

Then there is the forum here which is fab to learn from too