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Author Topic: cellulite on quads post acl surgery  (Read 1257 times)

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cellulite on quads post acl surgery
« on: March 30, 2014, 01:54:09 AM »
I really need some advice and help.  I had both acls repaired within two years of eachother 2002 and 2004.  (soccer player)  I had a lot of trouble getting my quads to fire after surgery despite the hours and hours of training.  I have noticed the older I get I am 31 now, but I have noticed over the several years since my surgeries that cellulite has gathered more and more on my quads.  Despite the amount of running or squats or lunges I do.  It doesn't even look lik ei have quad muscles and I am a soccer player.  I try flexing them and they do have a hard time firing.  Since I am a scientist I sort of diagnosed myself. I figured that the running and the squats I do my other muscles are working and not my quads much, therefore I lose fat and get tone in my hamstrings and butt but not my quads. Ive been told not to do leg raises so I avoid them but I feel like that would be the only thing to make sure my quads fire and to help get rid of the build up of fat on my quads. BTW I am not big and my legs were never majorly bigger than they are now so its not that.  I really feel that the muscles aren't firing correctly and that it wont go away till I get them to fire. How can I do this and does anyone else have this problem?  I don't see anyone else with cellulite that looks like mine on their quads, its so odd and i really am just fed up. 

Please help with figuring out how to rehabilitate my quads and get this cellulite gone, oh and i wear a size 2-4 in pants. 

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Re: cellulite on quads post acl surgery
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2014, 10:37:46 PM »

This is so frustrating.  I had to go back to the basics.

I sit on the floor, but a folded towel under the knee and press down.  Don't lift the foot.  I tap the muscles that are not firing.  I do 10-20  until the knee cap starts shaking.  I have been doing this daily for 6 months.  I can now walk up and down hills and was able to go up some stairs last week.  I am hoping the cellulite goes away.

I was also a size 4, but am embracing the size 8.  I know it is temporary so hang in there.

Rt. knee pain while hiking 08/10
Saw GP 04/11
PT 05/11  failed
MRI  clean 06/11
1st OS, nothing wrong, fired him.
2nd OS, cortisone shot 12/11 
Scope 05/12, fat pad impingement, cleaned and reshaped.
3rd and 4th OS think nerve problem
Nerve study June 2012, Femoral nerve damage