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Author Topic: knee braces for patellar femoral syndrome  (Read 436 times)

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knee braces for patellar femoral syndrome
« on: March 26, 2014, 02:16:32 AM »
hi there,

i am in the ranks of those who has been told to live with patellar femolar syndrome. i've had xrays and an mri. it went away for a while but came back last may and seems to have moved in.

i may see another doctor ... but in the meantime, i am due to go on vacation next week and would like to walk on some beaches.

i flared up today trying to walk in the pool and do some doggy paddling... bad idea.

question: what types of braces work for this? the sleeve type irritates my knee nerves. i have seen some that are just a simple band below the knee, and some that are two bands, one above, and one below the kneecap.

Are these useful for this condition?

many thanks