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Author Topic: advice .....patella tendon pain? flexion issue  (Read 458 times)

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advice .....patella tendon pain? flexion issue
« on: March 26, 2014, 01:37:25 AM »
Hello! !! If you have had a broken kneecap aka fractured patella.. Read on. My history...left patella fracture ...knee meets concrete. .. :(October 2013. Undisplaced. . Transverse. No surgery.

Female 40s.
Coming up on 6 months post injury. 
Still going to therapy.  Quad muscles are finally firing.  Vmo muscle is not firing yet.  :(

Can do most exercises but after leg extension, after I am in sitting position with leg extended. ... As I am slowly  allowing leg to flex down. .. With assistance. ...I have pain. Like 8 or 9. Right in the front of the knee.  :'(  My pt wants me to go back to the doc because he is stumped and cannot figure out why I am not progressing more. And also why I Am in pain as I am letting the leg go down. I basically lift my hips off the table and turn sideways to comfortably let the knee to flex down.  If I concentrate and breathe and try to relax it helps a bit.

I understand that everyone heals at a different pace and I am  thankful that I have come this far.

Just wonder if anyone had experienced this before?
Thanks! !!!!
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