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Author Topic: From bad to worse  (Read 481 times)

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From bad to worse
« on: March 19, 2014, 11:11:59 AM »
My knees seem to be in free-fall.... here's the timeline

3 1/2 weeks ago, I fell on ice and landed on my hands and knees and bonked my head. I was on my way to a dog show so I just kept moving. After 6 more hours of driving and 5 hours on my feet on concrete, I arrived home to a very stiff and swollen right leg. It progresses to severe bruising from above the knee to the bottom of my foot. I've never seen anything like it. LOL. Docs say nothing is torn and it will take a month or more for the pain & edema to go away.

1 week ago, I wrench my left knee compensating for the right one.  Felt like it was just muscular/tendon strain - and it's a long way from my heart, right?   pain in the quad, hamstring, MCL and shin depending on position/movement. So I go the RICE route - though as someone who lives alone, has dogs and an office to run, staying off it is limited.

So then yesterday when stepping up onto a curb, my patella dislocated, knee went backwards and everything got dramatically worse.  I was, of course, alone and trying to tough it out.  I finally gave up a couple hours later and went to the ER (my personal doc couldn't get me in and doesn't have xray capability on site anyway).

so, they don't think I tore anything, the ACL and PCL appear to be intact as the joint itself is stable and tight.  Xray shows some fluid but nothing broken or chipped. Basically just made existing damage worse.
Instruction was for RICE and followup with my own doc in a few days.

and back to the right leg (original injury) - this doesn't hurt anymore but the edema remains quite significant   >:(

I can barely walk - getting to the bathroom is a project that requires planning and strategy... Caring for my dogs is really tough.

Questions -

Will a brace help this heal any faster? 

How long can I expect to be useless, and

how long til I can get some basic functionality even with moderate pain?

I have a dog show in 10 days - what are the odds I'll be able to do it? (Photographer)...

and if anyone has tips for managing my profound realization how isolated and vulnerable I am (53, very rural, physically active and strong, but overweight).... I don't have time for this bull... which makes me alternate between tears of frustration, tears of pain, nausea from the pain, and just plain uselessness