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Author Topic: Unexpected success - have to share!  (Read 6985 times)

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Unexpected success - have to share!
« on: March 19, 2014, 12:28:04 AM »
Hi All-

Here's the short version of my story. 39 y/o multi-sport amateur athlete. Had knee osteoarthritis for 10+ years. Probably some larger injuries as well here and there, but nothing major/surgical. Doctors always said "PT" you aren't a surgical candidate. I have always been very compliant with PT, doing massage as well, and even a bunch of stuff from "Supple Leopard" and "Saving My Knees" lately.

Until about 6 mo ago, my knees were always fine when rested, and did well in sports after warming up, but would be painful afterwards for 24-48 hours (esp going up stairs and such).

Lately I just hadn't been able to get them to recover. I couldn't get the level of "rested pain" to go down despite being very good about taking long walks, no biking, no squats, doing massage, stretching, etc. After a 1-2 months just no progress.

I have been sitting/working a lot lately so I got to thinking maybe my legs are just too tight and it's causing problems. On top of that I've mostly been rock climbing lately, almost no running. So I got to wondering if maybe I needed to really loosen up my hamstrings and decided to do a bunch of wind sprints.

I warmed up with a light jog and then did about 20 hard sprints of about 50-100 yards each. My knees felt great the whole time (as they usually do once warm). So I went inside and waited for the pain to re-appear as I cooled down like normal, but the pain didn't come back...  and the next day the pain didn't come back... I was able to go up and down stairs today with almost no pain.

The results were so surprisingly positive and fast I wanted to share with others to see if this trick did anything for anyone else!

Looking forward to hearing from others.