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Author Topic: Recovery after Meniscus repair is delayed (ACL fused to PCL naturally)  (Read 659 times)

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I am 10 weeks into my post operative exercises. My recovery was good during the first 4 weeks, but has kind of stalled of late. Since my count for exercise was increased, I doze of in the middle of physiotherapy (the ones I had to do at home), so not completing the extra counts ( I do 2-3 repetitionons a day isntead of 5).

3 years back I had developed ACL tear, which went unnoticed. I was practicing kungfu and had so many injuries that they were a blur and I never distinctly remember any ACL type symptoms. So, I walked around with it for almost 2 years. I additionally had an inflamed Plica! This was the absolute killer, coz for 2 years I have been treated for this instead. Anyway, I recently went for an MRI scan which showed no ACL tear (which had healed and fused to the PCL long ago) but the posterior horn of meniscus had a medial tear. I underwent a surgery for meniscus repair.

Now, I am worried since this delay will mean a lot to me [I am a recent graduate and presently unemployed and its frustrating; I am not able to concentrate on phiysio or job search]. Can anyone tell me if ACL will affect my recovery time? and will it affect my strength after physiotherapy. I am seeing my Doctor after 2 days [he had earlier assured me that the chances of ACL complications is less than 5%, but hadnít mentioned any delay in recovery time], but would love to hear some feedback here.