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Author Topic: Too young! 28 and athletics seem to be over  (Read 540 times)

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Too young! 28 and athletics seem to be over
« on: March 17, 2014, 07:36:43 AM »
Hi everyone!

Brand new to the site. It's great to have some solidarity since this has really hampered my life in a depressing way.

I have live my 20s wo an ACL. Now I have serious medial arthritis. I can barely do any athletics.
I currently do not have an ACL either. But the arthritis is killing me.

I have always wanted to do an ironman and be good at triathlons.

My OS is recommending HTO w my ACL (2nd) surgery. What kind of running should I expect to able to do post HTO? My cartilage damage is large. Possibly too big for OATS or ACI.
Should I do another ACL allograft or use hamstring/patellar?
Is there anyway I can ever run again? I have thought that I should just cut off my leg so I could run again.

I fear I am doomed to the sidelines, never being able to be competitive again.
I've dreamed of being an above average triathlete all my life...I think that is gone :(
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Re: Too young! 28 and athletics seem to be over
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2014, 12:30:07 PM »
Hi There,

I am a few years older then you are aged 35, 2 week ago I was told by my OS that I have some bone bruising inside the knee! This is bleeding inside the bone, that cannot be reversed in anyway, there is a high possibility that I may not be able to run again.

I see that you having to contend with a few knee problems for someone in their 20s. It looks like you ended up like I have, straining the knee too much, this can be easily done if you like me very competitive athlete.

I am going to have an exploratory scope for the 2nd time in July; 1st scope was done in November 2009 to remove the medial plica and trimming of the fat pad. It was a slow recovery of 18 months, I had problems with scar tissue around the portals.

All OSís will state the worst case scenario saying may not be able to run again and should take up swimming and cycling. I enjoy cross country running as I personally do not get as much out of swimming and cycling.

We can prove to them we can overcome our knee problems and surgeries, we are both still young, we can show that we can get back to a competitive level again despite our setbacks.   

I can sympathise how you are feeling right now, it is hard to accept that you may never be able to take part in sporting activities again. Those that I speak to over 50 say the same, they would feel gutted if they could no longer run again. If you are young it is even harder to accept.

Wear and tear of our joints is a risk we take as competitive athletes, it catches up with us in the end!

Many professional athletes have to retire in their 30s, due to putting too much strain and impact on their joints.

Here is a link to my post and similar to yours, mine is different type of knee surgery to yours.

We have both overdone it too much by not running at a nice steady pace. My family jokingly told me ran like Forest Gump, I should have slowed down more!

Good luck in carrying on being competitive again, can private message me if you want any further information and think you need a certain mumber of posts to be able to do this. Post in the games section to top up your posts.

[email protected]
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