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Author Topic: New with questions  (Read 725 times)

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New with questions
« on: March 11, 2014, 07:12:48 PM »
Hello, I fell and injured both knees approximately three years ago, landing on concrete from my stairs.  I managed to get up the stairs at the time, but as I did not have insurance or money for a doctor, I tried to tough it out.  I now have coverage and saw an orthopedist earlier this year.  He thought I had arthritis in both knees and a possible meniscus tear.  I went for an MRI and when talking to his secretary about my results, she wanted to know if I wanted to schedule my arthroscopic surgery at that time.  I told her not til I've met with the doctor.  The MRI did not show a meniscus tear but did show the following:

1. Bicompartmental osteoarthrosis.
a. Grade 2-3 chondromalacia involving patellar apex and inferior medial trochlea.
b. Grade 2 chondromalacic delamination involving medial femoral condyle weightbearing surface.
2. 4.5cm unruptured Baker's cyst.

I have been trying to research online as much as I can.  Of course since he had originally thought it was meniscus, I've been reading about that, but now the diagnosis is different.  I guess I'm just wondering how common this might be and if there are any questions in particular I should be asking when I go for the followup.  I am a 50 year old female who has a family history of osteoarthritis and I was diagnosed myself with fibromyalgia several years ago.  Thank you for reading.