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Author Topic: Grade 3 Meniscal Tear followed by Arthroscopic Menisectomy, Duralane Question  (Read 505 times)

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Hi a bit of history first.... I started having problems in October 2013 with my knee giving way, this progressed overtime to pain in my right knee and I went to see my GP, he recommended an xray and blood tests so I dutifully went and got nowhere as my blood and xray were fine although there was fluid on the knee, I then went private and saw a Consultant, by this time my knee was giving me constant pain and starting to lock on walking.  I had an MRI which showed very little although fluid and softening of the cartilidge was visible. the Consultant gave me options of Physio or an arthroscopy although he did warn me that he expected to see very little during an arthroscopy, I went with the arthroscopy at the end of January 2014 as I was in constant pain and unable to walk any distance by this point due to my knee locking up.

The Arthroscopy went fine, afterwards my consultant told me that it was a good job I went with the arthroscopy as in fact I had a grade 3 tear of my meniscus that wasnt visible on MRI, he sent me off saying to take it easy for a few days, but that I could be weight bearing.  After two weeks I still was experiencing pain on walking, unable to go further than 400 metres without having the same pain as before, my range of motion was fine and on a bike I was fine however anything weight bearing and I was again in trouble, my knee and leg would swell and I would be in quite a lot of pain.  If I tried anything new or to walk/sit for any longer I would end up going backwards and unable to do stairs again, it is very distressing.

I saw my consultant again after 5 weeks and he recommended a Duralane Injection in my knee, I read up on it and then agreed.  I had this done on Friday 7 March.  It was a very painful experience, my knee was still somewhat stiff from the Arthroscopy anyway he bent my knee and injected the fluid and I had to grit my teeth to prevent me from crying out.  He sent me home saying to take it easy for a couple of days again.  I didnt know how I was going to walk out of the hospital my knee felt so bad but I just wanted to leave and go home and sit down and breath so somehow with my husbands help I managed it.  I felt like I should have been given crutches it felt so painful.

Friday night/Saturday Morning I was in agony, I was taking my most strong painkillers I had to hand (Tramadol) and it still kept me awake all night, It was awful.  I had no warning this was going to be this bad, my knee was swollen, bruised and stiff and the pain was unbearable.  Gradually over the day during Saturday the pain did go down however the stiffness and swelling did not, on Sunday again it was better and I could walk a little but only to the bathroom and back, stairs are not even on my list of maybe and there was pain radiating down my calf and in my knee joint.

Monday morning I have called in sick, no way I can walk let alone drive or sit with a laptop to work, I have been searching forums and anywhere for someone who has experienced the same as me, I feel like I am weak as everyone else who has these injections is up and about the same day, I wonder if I had it too soon after the operation when my knee is still so tender and recovering?

I am hoping that I am just being impatient however I cannot understand how others can be up and about so soon after these procedures and I am completely knocked for six by them.

Am I alone in having a bad time after this sort of experience?