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Author Topic: Need help. Surgery and PT problems, now ROM is no more than 78  (Read 524 times)

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Hi everyone. I ran across this website while searching on my iphone and I thought I HAD to join. You all seem very knowledgeable in this department.

Just to for-warn everyone, I don't know too much about the names of things or what some things are, but I will describe it my best.

Short introduction. My name is Tom. I am 25 years old with an amazing little family that consists of my 21 month old daughter, and my 21 year old fiance. I have alway been a big guy. I am 6'5" and before my injury I was about 350lbs. I am very muscular though, not just a big round gut.

Back in Oct 2012. 2 days before Halloween, I was heading outside to walk the dog after a long days work, and I slipped and fell in the mud. When I did, my left leg tucked under myself, and popped several times on the way down. I tried getting back up, but couldn't so I was rushed to ER.

In the ER, after a CT scan and a couple hours, they found I dislocated my patella and it was on the left side of my left knee. They gave me some kind of shot in my knee, and popped it back it. They said keep a straight brace on for a couple weeks, out of work, and start PT very soon. I did.

I was able to get my full ROM back, the muscles had shut down completely after the injury, so I had to wake them back up and regain my strength. It still felt weak and wobbly though. No stability without my metal restriction brace.

A few months had gone by, and something felt wrong. I started noticing my knee once again on the side of my leg, but no pain associated with this. My current job, I had only been there for a little over half a year, so I decided to stick it out until I hit a year and can get FML and STD.

August 28th 2013 I was supposed to have an areoscopic surgery and it ended up a major rebuild of half my knee. I was told a lot of scar tissue was removed, and my ligaments had to be stitched.

I was also told I had a donor tendon that was wrapped around my knee to hold it in place.

I was released same day, with 20 staples and a straight brace. I was told the OS would be in contact with my about PT.

After a week, I called his offices, only to find he left on vacation with no instructions for me. So after a total of 3 weeks after surgery, I started therapy. My PT was limited as even though my OS was back, he didn't  give the PT office any restrictions or instructions. My first week of PT was just straight leg raises for an hour.

I finally got strength back and started working in the beginning of November. My ROM would only let me bend to about 78-90*.

That lasted until Dec18th of 2013 and I couldn't take the pain anymore, something was wrong and I no again no stability.

I saw my OS again, who said "take a month off and ice it everyday." So I did.

I still saw now changes in the month, and finally went back and demanded results. He sent me for an X-ray which was a "Sunrise" shot. 30-60-90*. After this he had seen that at 0-30 it seems in place, 60 its out and then 90 (close to 90) it starts going back in place again.

He referred me to another OS in the same company. I cancelled my appointment and I am looking for another OS.

Its been exactly 1 month today that I cancelled my apointment. I am getting strength again, almost all stability. The main problem is I cannot bend past about 80*. My pain is now tolerable without pain killers and I am feeling better. Can't run yet to shed some weight, but hopefully soon.

What do you guys think?