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Author Topic: Worried knee is not moving normall dislocated/ sublaxed too many times help!  (Read 2084 times)

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Ok I already know I have torn my mpfl now on surgery waiting list which will probably be 6 months waiting the past three days I'm really worried my knee is not right walking on it yesterday and today  and my knee joint seemed to roll to the right which has happened several times this month  and my medial ligaments pulled and popped on the medial side it happen again today at a flex of less than 90 degrees luckily I had a wall next to me or I would have went face first on the my knee is massive and bruised and I'm on the strongest painkillers possible  been icing it and heating it and they aren't taking down the swelling it has dislocation 15 times in 8 days and  my knee keeps jumping and jolting and the pain is not great I don't know what to do