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Author Topic: Fulkerson done today  (Read 856 times)

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Fulkerson done today
« on: March 07, 2014, 09:47:04 PM »
We'll Here I'm am lying in my hospital bed high as a kite on tramadol an morphine
Tried the crutches out seems a lot better than my mpfl recon I had done on other leg surgeon told me I had a bursitis aswell and said I've been bone on bone so lucky I've had this done early enough before anymore damage
Stephen McGrath Solihull uk

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Re: Fulkerson done today
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2014, 10:02:51 PM »
Hi stephen

I think i am having the same procedure as you , but i still need to decide between mpfl or mpfl and tto,
I have patella instabilty, patella tracking disorder and very worn cartledge behind my knee and im only 28,

I would be very greatful if you could let me know how your recovery is going, my surgeon told me expect to be off work for 3-4 months after iv had the procedure done. Work are not very happy about this.

Hope you start to feel better soon.

Emma  :D
Fall whilst kickboxing aged 14yrs (2000)
subluxations >10 over 15 yrs
MRI scan: 12/13
Diagnosis 02/14: trochlea dysplasia, lateralisation of the patella, patella Alta, mpfl rupture, damage to back of knee cap ++
22/09/14 - Fulkerson osteotomy, MPFL Reconstruction, Microfracture, chondroplasty

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Re: Fulkerson done today
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2014, 01:01:30 PM »
HI Emma i had to spend a week in hospital because of the pain im having to take 30mg of slow release morphine tablets twice a day and also oral morphine for break through pain.
at the moment i wish i didt have this done which is something you probs dont want to hear and also my left knee which i had a mpfl recon done two years ago is starting to hurt really bad which is freaking me out.
But please dont  this put you off having what ever your having done to your knee its too early for me to say how im recovering but im glad i have booked 6 months off work to recover as im a builder and i need my knees for my job lol good luck in what you decide to have done.
 Stephen mcgrath Birmingham UK