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Author Topic: 6 months post op acl surgery still bruising and pain  (Read 1133 times)

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6 months post op acl surgery still bruising and pain
« on: March 07, 2014, 08:03:50 PM »
Thanks to all that take the time to help others! I apologize for this being so long.

 My husband had acl surgery using the hamstring to repair it on Aug. 26. He was doing great the first 5 days then everything changed when we went to his pt on the 6th day. The brace was a bit loose so the pt tighten it and cut the excess straps so it could not be loosened. That evening my husband was in excruciating pain so he took his brace off and from the top of the knee down there was severe bruising and indentions where the brace was at. From that point every time he would attempt to stand, within 3 seconds he would have this intense burning sensation that would start at the back of his calf to his foot. His leg would actually turn a bright red and his veins would pop out where the pain was at. At this point he had to use a wheelchair to get around. The physical therapists and the doc couldn't give us any answers. Two weeks later emergency surgery was needed because the doctor said my husband had a hematoma and a jp drain needed to be put in. My husband continued pt but had to stop last month due to our finances. During that time my husband continued to tell the physical therapists that he still was experiencing the burning sensation in his calf and an electrical sensation at the sight of the incision (which is a little to the right of his shin). Until he takes his pain pills he can barely walk in the morning because his calf is so tight and the pain is intense. There is still a bruise at the incision sight which I think should not be there. The doc. says "well you have to consider your age, its going to take you a little longer than others to heal" My husband is 40, he is in construction and is considered the work horse on the job. He works out at the gym and everyone calls him Rock. He is very active but now he cant work. I know something is not right. I guess I'm wanting to know if anyone else has experienced this. It has been 6 months I am very worried, any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You