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Author Topic: The "partial" acl tear that's making me completely miserable  (Read 698 times)

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The "partial" acl tear that's making me completely miserable
« on: March 06, 2014, 07:36:42 PM »
Hello all. Been lurking for awhile based on how often this site pops up on google searches. Useful site, so finally joining. Here's my bio/intro:

I'm a 27 year old soldier and have just reached my 5 month anniversary of being broken. So I was fairly active, running about 10 miles a week, jumping a lot, doing hill sprints, etc. One day, during training, I was walking down the hill when I took an awkward step. No big deal. The when taking a knee, I felt a weird burn/pain on what I think was the outside of my knee. Felt really strange. This was on a Thursday. The following Monday, I went on a 5 mile run and noticed my knee felt loose, like my knee cap was floating. But no pain. A couple days later though, I was stiff and limping. Still no pain, but a lot of discomfort and instability.

Went to a doctor. Tugged on my knees a bit, told me no ligament damage. Told me to rest awhile.
The discomfort persisted. Walking got harder. After 3 months, I was finally given an MRI. It showed inflammation of the bursa, as well as "something going on with the acl, sprain or a small tear, not really sure." Referred me to physical therapy. The physical therapy was useful, regained some strength, but I'm still not feeling well.

The doctor thought my ligaments felt tight so he was optimistic. A physical therapist buddy did the same bend and pull tests, didn't think there was a ligament problem. The physical therapist initially thought the ligaments were tight, most recently said there's a little bit of laxness. But I'm not convinced. I've read too many testimonials of people with partially torn acls returning to prior activity just to completely tear their acl and their meniscus along with it.

As of now, I'm on a walk to run progression plan. Running I feel okay, but a lot of discomfort walking. The worst part is I've started experience pain in the other leg as well. I don't know if its arthritis, or what, but its painful. I've also only been experiencing actual pain in the injured leg in the last 2 months of the injury, which I think is very strange.

I don't have a lot of confidence in the healthcare I'm receiving. I'm just a soldier after all. It's been 5 months already, and the loose knee feeling has given way to pain. I've asked the physical therapist if I should get surgery, but his opinion is that I shouldn't. He says it'd be like going in with a hammer to fix a small crack. I'm not convinced. And I want to be active again. It's been a depressing situation, and I'm losing hope of ever being back to feeling normal.
  • 5 months of injury now
  • despite feeling loose, never felt like I would fall while walking or running, even on uneven surface. Never lost full range of movement.
  • one frustrating point is somedays feel better than's like a roller coaster
  • in the 5 months of injury, didnt feel actual pain til the last 2 well as more frequent popping in injured knee.
  • knee pops and I feel a twang in the knee whenever on my stomach and bending knee, foot to butt.

[li]now other knee is very sore/stiff every now and then with occasional popping.[/li][/list]

So that's my basic situation. Would love to hear any advice. Joining the forum looking for some knowledge, tips, and support while dealing with this. I don't feel like I'm getting the right help, as all my healthcare providers have been extremely vague and don't care.