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Author Topic: Open Wedge Osteonomy w/o ACL reconstruction following ACL reconstruction failure  (Read 544 times)

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Little history about me. Diagnosed with osteochondral disscans at age 12, had minor surgery correcting it then.24 now and about 11 months ago tore my ACL and meniscus and had significant cartilage damage. Had ACL reconstruction soon after, and retore it again 4 months later. Most recently had an HTO open wedge w/o the ACL reconstruction 4 months ago and I still have a pivot in my knee and it feels unstable. I got this surgery in hopes of not having to need an ACL reconstruction, but I am starting to think otherwise. Although there isnt much pain, the knee pivots during any weight bearing activities with knee extension, and the typical side to side activities. I had my surgery at the Hospital for special surgery by Dr Warren, who is a guru with knees, and he has explained to me that once the muscles around the knee have strengthened the pivot should cease. My physical therapist and myself think otherwise; the pivot hasnt gotten better throughout the course of PT and the strength in my legs have definitely improved. Ive undergone 3 knee surgeries already, and wouldn't want to go in for another one. I'd like to return to high impact sports like football/wrestling, but for that to happen I need my knee to be somewhat stable.

Anyone have any insight they would like to share?