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Author Topic: Just had surgery on left, right needs doing...Qs & when should i expect next op?  (Read 930 times)

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I had arthroscopy on my left knee for a severe meniscus tear (removed not repaired) and tissue release on Wednesday (it is now Friday).
Both knees have been painful over the last few years, but the right has been chronically painful for about 20yrs, the left has been more acute recently. The MRI showed tears and cysts in both knees, with the left worse than the right.
My surgeon is very patient-led and has said it is up to me if I want the right one doing, but said the left one certainly needed operating on having seen inside there. He didn't want to do them both at the same time, as he wanted to see if the first knee needed/benefited from the op before doing the second one.
The right is always the one that bugs me more, though, as it has been so uncomfortable for so long (ranging from annoying to painful, depending on how active I am, if I am running/weight lifting with squats etc!). I think both would benefit from the same tissue release, and both have the same tears, although the left knee tearing was worse on the MRI.

Recovery is going well right now, I can weight bear almost fully, bend to 90 degrees, am icing and doing everything by the book. No crutches needed.

Any thoughts on how long I should wait to ask for the second one to be done?

Also, should I keep my recovering knee elevated above my hip all the time when i am seated for the next few days, or is it ok just to be up?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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I realize it's been about 10 days since your surgery and I just read your post.   I too had a severe meniscus tears in the left knee and a moderate tear in the right.    They treated the left first and there was about a 60 percent improvement.    I waited about 1 year before I had surgery on the right knee only because it started to lock.   It will depend on how well your left knee functions after surgery and how quickly you can depend on that knee.  If you have a good result I would do it sooner rather than later.   You had the problem for a while now so no real rush and your ortho did good not signing you up for both knees at once.   It takes a good 6 months to really get the strength back in the knee after a menisectomy.  I wouldn't have the right knee done before 6 months.  You won't really know before 7-8 weesk out from surgery. 
You should only have to keep your knee raised above your hip when resting to reduce swelling for at least the first two weeks.  Sounds like you are having a good result and on your way to recovery.
Keep us posted.    LAS

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Thank you! I only just read your reply. My second knee is due to be done on the 29th April.

My left knee is OK - still sore, especially where he did the tissue release, the other pain has pretty much gone (unless I kneel on it by accident!) still having to watch my pacing as I tend to do too much and it hurts for a day or two.... not looking forward to having two more-sore-than-usual knees, but I think it is the right choice.

Will keep you updated!