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Author Topic: Allograft transplant replacing entire trochlea. Scared to death of outcome  (Read 3079 times)

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Hello all.  I a 13 months post failed denovo on a 3cm x 3cm defect of the. Trochlea.  Basically 3/4 of the trochlea which includes the trochlear groove.  The results have been pretty bad and I have a journal of it in the post op diaries. 

I am pretty much in pain all day every day and spend a lot of the day laying down on my side trying to mitigate pain.  Anytime I walk or bend my knee I have a very intense pinch/poke behind the knee cap. In addition, I will get an intense burning the more active I am.  Feels like it's at the top of the trochlear groove.  I can walk, but a limited amount before that pinch gets too painful to want to continue.  I can't do stairs.  I can't pedal on a stationary bike. I can't sit with legs bent 90 degrees for longer then about 20 mins without the pinching/ burning getting to intense to deal with. 

My functional rom is about 90 degrees, I can get it to about 125-130 if I spend about 30 mins stretching.  But no matter how much I stretch, I wake up the next morning and it can only get to about 110.

I've gone ahead to start the process for an allograft transplant of the entire trochlea and may have to plug a portion of of the knee cap.  The denovo surgery has put me in a much worse condition now the. Before the surgery.  I am scared to death that this next surgery will make me worse off.

Has anyone here had his entire trochlea transplanted?  If so, what were your results? 

Has anyone had one of these fail?  If so, how bad is the pain and what are your limitations?

Should I be happy I can at least sleep at night and just cut my losses?
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Check out the link below to see my journal of my Denovo NT procedure.  3cm x 3cm defect on the Lateral Trochlea of the left knee.