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Author Topic: MPFL (Medial Patella Retinaculum injury)  (Read 897 times)

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MPFL (Medial Patella Retinaculum injury)
« on: February 26, 2014, 02:12:41 AM »
Hey guys, I'm needing some serious help in solving the mystery behind my knee injury. A bit of background:

I am a bboy (breakdancer) and was doing a kip-up (type of move where you are flat on your back on the ground and literally spring on to your feet using hands and legs). When I did this and landed my left knee went inwards and twisted around, as this happened I heard a crackling sound (much like rice crispys).

That day it did not immediately hurt but it felt weird. Over the next two days it got worse, swelled and it hurt to walk. In particular there was a very odd "tweek" in my knee, the anterior part right over where the MPR is located. It would feel like a muscle pull, except this is not a muscle so you can understand the confusion. All other symptoms were consistent with MCL tear except for this, and in fact there was very little pain in walking it was mostly the fact that it would "pull" whenever I used it (specifically going downstairs).

I went to therapy, it stopped eventually except I got a new condition over time. After walking for a while I would feel something get really tight in my inner thigh (MCL I suspect) until it started to hurt. When this happens I simply lift my knee above my hips as if I'm taking a really high stop and it "pops" and the pain dissipates, tightness leaves.

The symptoms are mostly gone, no pain persists, the only thing left is the "pulling" which happens on and off, some days not at all, but it still comes and goes. Very rarely will the tightness leading to a "pop" happen anymore.

Again all the "pulling" is located specifically over the area where the MPR would be located, right next to the knee. No one knows what it is and I can't find ANYTHING on the net describing this at all. My PT was stumped as well as doctors as to what is going on to cause this pulling with no pain at all. All they have done is told me to ice and take pain pills which only made it worse, only until I started stretching and re-strengthening it did it get better. It's very bothersome but no pain. There is no swelling, no bruising, just a pull as if I'm about to pull a muscle.

Any help would be appreciated.

Oh and when my knee went in originally it was not completely straight it was still bent so lucky it did not tear anything because of that.
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