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Author Topic: Need help with knee problem/injury!  (Read 717 times)

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Need help with knee problem/injury!
« on: February 19, 2014, 12:04:36 AM »
First time poster so will try to be brief without leaving out detail.

Right knee went bad on me- it was 100% before in terms of feel
and function.

I did some tile flooring work in my home around 6 weeks ago. I lost my knee pad halfway through project
after a long search and was too sick/lazy to get one from the store.
What happened after of course was I came down on a piece of porcelain tile with my knee.
It was a simple pivot while on the floor to pick up another tile and did not see this tile as it blended
in with the others. I hit right under the knee cap- perhaps just left of dead center of tendon. It hurt like
heck but pain went away shortly and I continued.
Two other times my same knee cracked while getting up off the floor to do a cut.
One week later, I had to de-ice a gutter for a job- went up and down ladder about 40 times
with 1 or 2 gallon of water at a time. Ladder was about 15 feet off ground, so 12 foot climb.

Fast forward about a week later started to get pain and aches in same knee. Knee was maybe just a little sore before that time. Walking became difficult. Pain while sitting, esp. bent knee.
I saw an ortho 3 weeks later (after being on anti-inflams from General Doctor) that I took for around 10 days before switching to ice) and he said patella is mis-tracking and rubbing cartilage. Also said weak inner quad, valgus knees, pronated feet, and patella tendonitis. I asked about bursitis and he said no, would have swelling below knee too. (?)
He sent me to Physical therapy. PT said tight IT band pulling knee cap to the right and rubbing. Now doing stretches for hams and tight IT band, with foam rolling and inward knee cap push. Also now started straight leg lifts with electric machine to tighten inner quad, side leg lift, inner and outer thigh with ball in middle, and clamshell with more to come soon I am sure.
I will review my x-ray with the ortho in three days. Knee spacing to me looked fine but I'm not the expert and not sure how kneecap position should look in normal relation.

My questions are:

1) When I try to walk normal, my knee may crack/pop. When I walk and purposely land on the right of the right foot, and roll in easy I can avoid the knee cracking. straight= crack ...  favor the right = o.k. 
Also, If I straighten my leg to 0 degrees, I can hear a small pop on full extension in a quite environment.
Should I ask for an MRI due to this?

2) In the 24 hours after PT, my knee hurts more (tendon and IT band for sure), but sometimes improves to be better than before after pain subsides. Is this normal, or too much PT?

3) When I walk straight, I can get a sharp sudden pain right under the kneecap. It is the same area I came down on the tile. Coincidence, or just the tendon or something else like cartilage?

4) Lastly, my knee pain is overall noticeably better at night. It does not matter if I am active or not during the day. Ortho does not know why?

Any help would be appreciated and I can answer any questions. My regular work consisted of painting and gutter cleaning. I had one month off before injury and took off from the gym after work finished to rest after a hard season of work. Exercise for legs consisted of light squats, leg press, calf press, outer thigh, leg lifts (bad I know now). Skipped specific inner thigh due to discomfort.
Age is 39. Thanks.

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Re: Need help with knee problem/injury!
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2014, 01:53:21 AM »
Just a follow up.

Doctor saw X-Ray. Thinks only "need to work on getting knee-cap back on track.
Injury caused knee-cap to track off-line. Work on the IT band tightness and muscle balance."
Feet are pronating as well so getting that taken care of- should be ready in three weeks.

One question, Doctor said see him in two months and will do additional test (code for MRI)
if not better.

I still have the most tenderness where I took a blow to the bottom left of the patellar tendon.
The X-ray should the knee cap a little higher than a normal knee. When we originally check the knee cap,
it tracked in a slightly diagonal direction away from bottom left of knee-cap.
Could the blow have partially ruptured the tendon of "stretched" it?
What would I check by myself to see if this is the case and if so is waiting for an MRI going to hurt
the long term care? It has been seven weeks since injury. Thanks