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Author Topic: TTT Fulkerson/Maquet  (Read 2053 times)

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TTT Fulkerson/Maquet
« on: February 01, 2004, 10:04:02 PM »
Finally my story!!

I had my first dislocation when i was 13, 2 weeks before my B-day! I came back from gym class with my classmates and it had been snowing. Suddenly, it all happened very fast!, I was sitting on the ground, left leg in flexion and in major pain! I grabbed my knee and felt something strange! My kneecap was all out of the joint! My French teacher was yelling @ me "it's too cold to sit there in the snow, get up!, you'll catch a cold" etc blablabla!!! After a few minutes i tried to get up, extended my leg and heard a pop, which was the kneecap that popped back in! Had to go to the teachers office and pull down my pants to ice my knee :-[ :P ::) Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz
My GP drained 100mls of blood that same evening and sent me for Xrays, OS said I had a patellar dislocation and again drained blood from the knee. I was put in cast for 6 weeks and after that PT, don't remember how long it took to be active again!
Over the years I had several dislocations, leading to several OSvisits, fear of falling and dislocating... OS told me and my parents I owuld grow out of it! Over the years I "treated" myself as my parents were always telling me that I should be more carefull but I couldn't help it! I kept playing badminton all those years!

8 years ago I went to high school. I trained as a nurse, was on my feet all day and my knee got worse and worse. In 2000 i decided it was time to loose some weight! I started running... I lost weight yeah, but my knee didn't agree on me and gave up! OS diagnosed me with patellofemoral dysplasia and severe maltracking! Was put in PT, had several scans and Xrays and a scope with lateral release and chondroplasty. Also showed chondromalacia grade III-IV. Post-op I did fine, had ROM back quickly, returned to work 5 weeks post-op. Was running and playing badminton 2 months post-op. But it got worse again, LR wasn't enough, needed a TTT which I refused so underwent conservative treatment (from PT, brace 24/7, cortisone and NSAIDinjetions, Synvisc, etc over taping) but nothing helped! My OSs couldn't believe how on earth I could still work a whole day and be somewhat active... I had a TTT (finally!) august 2002. Was in a full leg cast PWB 3 weeks, had 3 weeks of agressive PT, 11 weeks off work. I was back running 5 months postéop and back on the badminton court shortly after! I wish I had this done sooner!

My knee is much better but doing the TTT my OS saw the damage was already a lot worse than when he did the LR. My kneecap still subluxes but the pain is a lot better! It swells from time to time, but I don't do my daily quad exercises anymore (I hate 'em!!! :o)

Bad thing : my R knee gets worse and subluxes to nearly a dislocation! I am trying to put off surgery as I am following a course now... But i will have a TTT in future to my R leg!

Hopes this helps some of you to decide whether or not to have a TTT. I had it and don't regret it! I was so afraid of the pain it would involve, but it turned out a lot less painfull! Just go for it and stay positive throughout the whole process! Easier said than done I know... ::)

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21/08/02 L knee TTT
02/03/04 L knee stretched PCL
11/09/07 L ankle dislocation/medial avulsion #
25/05/09 L ankle medial avulsion # AGAIN!
05/06/13 R ankle dislocation

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Re: TTT Fulkerson/Maquet
« Reply #1 on: February 29, 2004, 12:51:04 AM »
Again-it is ALWAYS so good and so encouraging to read these success stories.  It's so good to hear that you are back to doing some of the things you love and are also having less pain.

Here's a toast to continued success and continued improvement!  Congratulations sweetie!

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