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Author Topic: Complete Rupture of Patella Tendon, ACL, MCL and tear in ITB and meniscus  (Read 17521 times)

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ialzeera, you're doing very well in terms of ROM.  At 12 weeks I was at 110o.  I would sit on a balance ball and roll backwards and forwards to bend my knees.  I also did a lot of stationary bicycling.  My physiotherapist had me walking backwards on a treadmill.

You really are making excellent progress.  I have full ROM now and I only had it measured once (at 12 weeks).  It has been my experience, and also some others on this board that ROM just comes back almost on its own provided you keep walking and doing exercises.  Work on building strength in your leg and on extensions and just keep moving.  Don't be too concerned about the numbers.  You will get there.

Ruptured patellar tendon (avulsion fracture) 11 June 2013
Surgical repair with wire 5 July 2013
Wire removed 28 January 2015

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ialzeera excellent advice here. The most important thing which has been said is 'be patient'. You don't want to rush and cause more problems. And from what you have stated, you are recovering really well.

So last time I was on here, about a month ago, I told you guys that my surgeon thinks everything is okay and sent me home with some NSAIDs.

Well the knee feels a bit more stable now but I am pretty much convinced that there is something wrong. From my re-search what I have concluded is that when I was moving the furniture I was generating force by twisting my core and that has 'injured' the PCL. Now I can't figure out the extent of the injury. What makes me sure its the PCL is my ROM is greater in the 'injured' knee than the UN-injured knee. That was NOT the case earlier and it shouldn't be the case right now. It used to be very stiff and I would have had to warm up to get to '0' degrees. In other words my injured knee is slightly 'hyper-extending' and I can feel a pop every time. So instead of just being at zero I am going way further without any effort or warmup and it doesn't feel like it stops on its own until I hear a pop (which in my opinion is the tibia grinding on the meniscus).

So I was thinking of calling my surgeon and asking him to write me a prescription for an MRI.

What do you guys think?

P.S. I don't feel anything when I am walking, its ONLY when I extend my knee out that I feel that pop and a little pain.

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Perplexing, I think the best thing to do here is to get a professional opinion... an MRI and a few physical tests by your physio therapist should do the trick.

Since my injury, I started meeting infinitely more people that have gone through the same procedure as I am... most of them with ACL reconstruction. There were a few patterns in what those people were saying. Quite a few times I've heard people say that they can now jump higher than they used to. (If I'm not wrong, even Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls claimed the same thing after coming back from injury). I've also met a couple of people who are 2+ years post surgery and they say that they feel a slight click whenever they get into a certain motion (one felt clicks at about 90 degree flexion, and the other was at full extension). Both are very athletic and say that the click hasn't bothered them at all.

My take on this is that most people go through a period of 6-12 months placing undivided attention on their recovering leg. It seems plausible that the "injured" leg would recover to be stronger, more flexible, have better extension, etc. But I think, like you're already doing, getting an MRI and a professional  opinion is the best way to find out what's up.

Let us know how it goes...

Quick Update: I'm currently at 13 weeks post op and have managed to get the ROM up to 135 which is about a couple of degrees less than my normal leg. Strengthening is going well. Working a lot on an inclined treadmill as well as the steps machine. The extension of the leg is still not the same as the uninjured leg, so I still need to work on that... I am still not sure when I will get the ACL reconstruction and Meniscus repair surgeries, but I'll let you know whenever I find out. Do you guys know if there is any harm in delaying ACL reconstruction and  repairing the "Bucket-handle tear of the lateral meniscus", and repairing the "posterior horn tear of the medial meniscus"?

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Definitely get an MRI. How does your patellar tendon feel? Usually patients get more flexion by overstrecthing the tendon, but that shouldn't happen with extension because your femur and tibia lock in full extension. Also, normal legs have slight hyperextension btw. Full extension means the extension in an injured leg which is around -5 degrees in the average person