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Author Topic: Possible sub-clinical damage  (Read 550 times)

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Possible sub-clinical damage
« on: February 09, 2014, 09:09:06 PM »
For over a year I've started having trouble with my knees.
It got very noticeable last January when I stood for about 3 hours and ever since then
they've felt different. Now I can't stand for much longer than 20 minutes without
a decrease in stability. It feels like there is less of the joint somehow.

The MRI's I had done last spring apparently showed little meniscus
wear on the right and I did PT over the summer but it didn't do much.

The orthopedic doctor said the next step would be cortisone shots
but there's no swelling at this point and I would expect it's just a temporary

I have been doing exercises on my own just to be doing something.
I just want to know what I can expect in the future, and how to
best go forward.