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Author Topic: Disaster Arthroscopy after 10 months Patella Edema not healed  (Read 2599 times)

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Disaster Arthroscopy after 10 months Patella Edema not healed
« on: January 30, 2014, 01:20:22 PM »
Hi. This is a complex situation and I am wondering if anyone out there can shed any light.

This “tale” is about my 16yo daughter who tonight is lying in a hospital bed in extreme pain after an arthroscopy 6 days ago. She is a talented, fit and dedicated athlete with a bright future. She has a high tolerance of pain that has been seen thru her sporting life.

In May 2013 she suffered a direct hit in sport to her left Patella. Shrugged it off, and played on. A week later she started to develop some pain at the site of Patella Tendon, and on the inside of the knee (medial position, slightly above the knee), we went and had an Xray that showed nothing so, we started to see a PT. After a few sessions, he suggested we should see a fairly well known Sports DR as nothing was improving. An MRI revelled a very bright hot spot on her lower Patella.

With a sporting event 6 weeks away, it was suggested she have Shock Wave Therapy on the area in an attempt to expediate recovery. This was to be 3 sessions over 3 weeks. As a side note she was able to do most things with a small amount of pain (about a 4/10) prior to round 1. After round 1 of ESWT she was in considerably more discomfort. Watching the process was toe curling, she was in 8/10 pain. We were told this was all part of it. Week 2 came about, and she once again endured about 10 minutes of torture, and afterwards things were worse. I am sure you can all guess what week 3 was like. Anyway, the DR was made aware of the painful nature of the ESWT and the ensuing increase in pain, and had no response.

Of course my daughter wasnt fit to to play at her sporting event firstly due to zero improvement in the final MRI, but also because now she was in substantial discomfort 24/7. The first Dr basically shook his hands of the situation and said that she needed time for the bone to heal. She was provided with scripts for pain killers.

About 2 weeks after the final ESWT (this is early July) and in constant discomfort, she had an “event” whilst just sitting down watching TV where the pain spiked, and we couldnt control it with anything we had. A trip to hospital ensued in an the hospital (late at night) only a Xray could be done, which of course revelled nothing. She was provided with a referral to an OS the following day, given some Endone and sent home.

A few days later, appointment with OS, and a new MRI. New MRI showed a very slight improvement in Bone Edema, though a very small fracture line was now visible. Nothing else of interest showed on the MRI, and he rattled off some things like Jumpers Knee and Osgood-Schlatter syndrome and something else. He gave her some scrips for Ibuprofen and Codine and said rest rest rest and come back in 4 weeks. We did our best to manage the pain and live normally as we could.

We went back in 4 MRI, and virtally no change to edema.

Decided to try a different recommended sports DR.....took a few weeks to get in. He had some ideas, she had blood tests (showed nothing) and he also, mentioned Cortisone, but wasn't keen to go down that route. He suggested 4 weeks with a brace, crutches and more drugs for pain management. 5 weeks later (we were in October by now) a new MRI showed absolutely no change from the previous one about 7 weeks prior. Pain was still bad (constant 6 or 7). Brace provided some relief, but went back to normal once off. A new OS was recommended. Took a few weeks to get in to see this new guy. He was within a “group” of top surgeons that specialise in sports injuries. He also wasn't keen on any injections, or surgery as he also felt that there must be something underlying why the Patella wasn't healing, and why the pain was persistent. It seemed to be getting worse. He took a new approach and prescribed Lyrica alongside her current regime, asked for new different blood test and also asked that she wear a brace for a further 6 weeks (we were now in November). 6 weeks passed, and she took the brace off, and improvement. By now we were on a family holiday, and had to wait till early January to see him again.

With no change, he asked around his colleagues their thoughts, and came back that an Arthroscopy will likely find something that nothing else has.

Arthroscopy was last Friday morning 24th January. Afterwards, he told us that she had a fantastic knee aside from the bits he dabbled with. Cut away the Plica which he said was getting caught, chiselled the back of knee (which was soft) and tightened tendon. She was sent home with drugs, and a regime to follow.

She was back at the hospital that night with intense pain, and spasms in the knee. She was given valium and endone and sent home with instructions for the next couple of days. Monday rolled around, and she was still no better. In intense pain, we were told to bring her in. Once admitted, they did blood tests and various scans to cover off the big things. Everything came back ok. 4 days on, she is in a rountine now of waking up, taking edone, Lyrica, Targin and a host of other things......and has had to be administered Morphine on 3 occasions.

The OS has been back twice. Today I had a talk with him, and he appeared genuinely shaken up and totally unprepared for this outcome. He has said he hasnt seen a reaction like this in 20 years. and that it could now be months of recovery and pain management, and that surgery was like sticking a stick in a hornets nest. I am of the opinion that they dont have too much of an idea. CRPS has been thrown around.

I have done so much reading on this over the past few months, and changed tact tonight to the saphenous nerve and neuromas. Noting that her most severe pain is under the Knee and to the inside....but there is no explanation that after 10 months, that the bone brusing hasnt healed either.

Any insight or experiences would be most welcome. I cannot explain how depressed my wife and I are. We agreed to the ESWT to being, which to me has always seemed the trigger point that things went south, and now we agreed to this surgery. I am beyond myself!


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Re: Disaster Arthroscopy after 10 months Patella Edema not healed
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2014, 03:03:54 PM »
Hi Squeegee.
I'm sorry for everything your family and daughter are going through. I too have a 16 yo daughter with knee problems.  Though we haven't been through what you are experiencing, I would suggest you research as much as you can on your daughters condition to get her the best treatment possible.  I hope your daughter feels better soon.


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Re: Disaster Arthroscopy after 10 months Patella Edema not healed
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2014, 12:59:30 AM »
Thanks for the encouraging is a truly crappy time, and we will get thru it. Hopefully someone on this wonderful forum might have an idea or some advice.....

Good luck xclaxmom....