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Author Topic: Ongoing saga of a failed Lars Reconstruction Failure  (Read 1145 times)

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Ongoing saga of a failed Lars Reconstruction Failure
« on: January 28, 2014, 07:04:37 AM »
I originally posted in 2010 when a screw from my Lars ACL reconstruction migrated up into the space in my knee joint about 6 days after the reconstruction. I know that it was then because I felt it catch and I was in agony for about 5 minutes until I could get my knee inan angle to dislodge it. I contracted the Dr on the eastern suburbs who carried out the procedure and begged for an X-ray. He inspected it and said I would "rehab out of it". So I faithfully kept going to the Physio, in so much pain, and thought its as normal.

So after putting up with periods of agony, waking up screaming unable to move, I finally begged with the receptionist at the dr's rooms, for an appointment. Finally I got a referral for an X-ray and the titanium screw was sitting behind the knee cap. Not where it was supposed to be. The dr booked me in. For surgery 2 days later to remove it and fix the Lars Ligament in the lower area.

All was well for about 3 weeks when the knee started to swell again and I was in pain again. I decided that the original surgeon was probably not going to fix this, so went and got a second opinion from a Sydney north shore clinic, who was  an experienced and more conservative doctor. He immediately ordered an MRI and we discovered that the Lars ligament was like fine fishing wire fairy floss in the joint with a just few fibres still holding the joint together. His course of action was to operate, tidying up the joint, and helping the joint temporarily,as he felt the joint was too traumatised to take anything more, and that I would need to have the Lars taken out at a later date and replaced with a hamstring reconstruction, or replaced with another Lars.

I have waited 3 - 4 years, and been on moderate pain killers for that time mainly I though, for my back for this time. Now, my right arm was paralysed recently due to cervical spondylosis and stenosis and osteoarthritis, so I has spinal surgery to fix it.8weeks later and voila! No back pain, arm restored. knee is in agony. All the painkillers I was taking for my back we re masking the knee issue, which has resurfaced and I am now waking up unable to move without extreme pain, I cannot run (haven't been able to since 2010), can't ski, can't do much at the gym that involves kneeling, squatting or knee bearing exercises.

I'm only 44. I. Have always been active. I used to swim competitively, as a child, I have always gone. To the gym and I am not overweight.

Soi finally but the bullet and went to my GP, who must think I am a total hypochondriac, but felt my knee,with it's heat, swelling and the crunching sound it makes when I bend it, and immediately wrote a referral, so I am finally heading to the surgeon to get him to take this hideous rope out of my body. The only thing I want in my body is my own tissue, for my own hamstring tendon. Or nothing.

Has anyone else had experience having a Lars removed and replaced with a hamstring? Any costs in oz? I have paid so much recently for my spinal surgery and subsequent time off, so I am struggling.

ACL tear - July 2010
Lars ACL Recon - Early August 2010
Lars ACL Fail - Mid August 2010
Screw removed from knee joint - Nov 2010
July 2011 - Swelling and pain in knee.